Satisfaction with Work

8.1 / 10

(based on 21 ratings in 2015)


"I was given a project to complete over the course of the internship and spent my days coding and planning with my manager."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I was given tasks that were actually important – my team actually made use of my contributions while I was still there."
Intern, London
"My role involved programming in Python to complete a self-contained project designed to automate future tasks for my team and increase productivity."
Intern, Enfield, London
"I was in charge of my own project. I was given the opportunity to weigh in on the design of the project, and was not just told what to code. My thoughts and opinions were taken seriously by management."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I was in system testing and given a variety of responsibilities: doing exploratory testing on some apps, designing a testing plan, and writing scripts to automate some testing."
Intern, London
"My role involved coding various things that my team needed and learning aspects of languages that were needed for that."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I was given a medium-sized project to work on throughout the summer. This was a real project that had an impact on the company."
Intern, London
"My role was good and I was given a lot of trust to speak directly to customers via email. My day-to-day work included a lot of readying customers' systems, which would be used heavily once in operation. Work was at a decent level ie not too difficult or easy."
Support, Intern, Enfield
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