M&G's video interview: how to maximise success

Prepare for your video interview the way you would a face-to-face interview.

A job interview by video may be something that many graduates have not heard of, least of all experienced. So, it’s natural to feel apprehensive or have a lot of questions.

M&G Investments uses HireVue – a digital interviewing facility – in the third stage of its recruitment process, after the online application and the SHL online tests. These interviews have replaced telephone interviews.

We spoke with Steve Wells, manager of the graduate and apprentice team at M&G, in 2015 to find out what was involved in the process and what candidates should expect. It does not appear that the process has changed for the 2016 recruitment process, but use the following 'step by step' explanation merely as guidance, as some details may have changed.

M&G video interview: step by step


HireVue will email a link to the online recorded interview that will also contain full instructions for you to follow. Ensure you check your junk inbox for this email if you do not receive it.

Systems test

Ahead of the video interview, a systems test to check for sound quality, video quality and that your technology is compatible with the platform will be carried out.


All questions are automated and pre-recorded, and will appear both typed on your screen and as an audio message.

Time limits

You will have 30 seconds to read a question and up to three minutes to answer it. If you don’t answer the question in the given time, the recording will proceed to the next question.


You will not able to pause between receiving a question and answering it. However, you can pause after you have answered the question and before you’re asked the next question.

Extra time

You’ll be given some extra time at the end of the one-way interview to discuss anything that hasn’t already been covered. Steve says this is a good opportunity to talk about any additional skills or achievements that set you apart from candidates, which you haven't been able to speak about during the interview.

Top tips!

  • Choose a room that’s quiet and where you will not be disturbed
  • The video is compatible with tablet and mobile devices, but it’s advisable that you use a wired line, such as your PC
  • Dress as if you’re going to a face-to-face interview
  • Prepare as if you were going to be interviewed in person
  • Three minutes is longer than you may think, so try to relax and don’t rush yourself
  • Don't waffle and feel that you have to use the entire time allocated
  • Don't panic! M&G appreciates that the video interview can be an odd experience, but remember that the firm is interested in the content of your answers and will not mind if you make a mistake while recording
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