Career Prospects

6.6 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"If you are a high-achiever you can progress. However, people tend to stay a long time at the firm, so senior roles may not be regularly available."
Graduate, London
"Good opportunities when rolling off the graduate schemes. Though there seems to be large gaps between certain career levels."
HR, Graduate, London
"It's too early to tell but I feel as though there is ample opportunity to move up if you're proactive enough. Having said that, there's low staff turnover (given it's a fantastic place to work) and this can make it hard to discern a clear career path."
Graduate, London
"Can be a long process, but opportunities do come around."
Graduate, London
"Many people have been in the same position for quite a few years. This can mean it's not easy to move up the ranks."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Depends very much on the team and where opportunities open up."
Graduate, London
"Not sure currently how easy it is but there are a lot of managers who joined as graduates and there is a low staff turnover at M&G. People tend to like working here!"
Graduate, London


"Rewarded for good work but M&G is fairly top heavy. Although this means there are lots of experienced people to learn from."
Entry level, London
"Good performance and business needs allow you to move up the ranks."
Graduate, London
"Some teams have great opportunities to move up the ranks whereas others have very slow progression."
Graduate, London
"There is a path to move up the ranks, but not that much scope to have a management position. More likely to become a Senior BA."
Graduate, London
"Show that you're capable and M&G will look after you."
Graduate, London
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