9.0 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"This is apparently one of the best places to work if you have children. There is a generous maternity leave package and lots of parents work flexible hours. It being investment management, there are still certain departments that are male heavy. However, HR does work to recruit females and encourage interest in pre-university students."
Graduate, London
"Still mostly white men at the senior levels but there's very active recruitment of diverse graduates and new employees. Our newly appointed CEO is female, a big statement."
Graduate, London
"Great steps are being taken to improve diversity and inclusion, with dedicated employees working towards it. The M&G pride LGBT group holds events that are always incredibly successful and have now branched out to an 'allies' network for those who don't identify as LGBT to show their support. Women in finance is an industry-wide issue. It's great to see that M&G is focusing on how to change this by targeting young women before they are put off the industry."
HR, Graduate, London
"Limited exposure to this but there are frequent LGBT events and we have one of the first female CEOs in the City, which is a very positive sign."
Graduate, London
"A diverse set of employees from different backgrounds from all over the world."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Although M&G is committed to diversity, many of the senior roles are still dominated by white males. However, this is changing."
Graduate, London


"Diversity is very high among the graduates - they are taken from all sorts of (mainly European) countries. It is lower among the more senior people, as may be expected. I do not know the attitude towards childcare or maternity leave, though many of those on maternity leave do seem to return."
Graduate, London
"There aren't many women or minorities in my area but I feel it's a fair representation of the demographic that applies to the industry as a whole and not a reflection on the firm."
Graduate, London
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