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Interview Questions


"There's a lot of brain teaser questions to see how you think."
Graduate, London
"I was asked why I wanted to work in asset management."
Graduate, London
"The obvious ones (why this industry? Why this firm? Why this scheme?) as well as more conceptual questions to see how you think (these were not industry specific)."
Graduate, London
"Why I wanted to work in asset management and my area of interest. I was asked if I had any team-working experiences."
HR, Graduate, London
"Several competency-based questions like: tell us about a time when you worked well as part of a team/handled pressure/worked to a strict deadline etc. I also got given several theoretical 'thought exercises'."
Graduate, London
"What was the biggest challenge I had to overcome? When did I have to cut corners because I didn't have time to do everything I wanted and how did I go about it? Why M&G? Why risk?"
Graduate, London
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