Offices & Dress

7.7 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2017)


"M&G is currently spread across four different offices in the UK. Governors House, between Monument and Cannon Street, is the main building and it is where most of the M&G investment teams are located. Some employees are located in the Nomura Building in Angel Lane, in front of Governors House. M&G Real Estate is located near Moorgate, a 10-minute walk from Governors House. This distribution of offices is a bit inefficient but all of M&G is planning to move to a new building in 2018, which will improve this. Facilities differ across all of the buildings but are generally good."
Graduate, London
"Offices are decent, though notable issues for me are the lack of a gym and the lack of enough showers for general use in the mornings. We've also pretty much outgrown our current building. We're right in the heart of the City too, which could be argued to be good or bad."
Graduate, London
"Our current office is pretty standard and in a good location. The dress code is formal but you don't have to wear a tie every day if you don't want to."
Graduate, London
"We have a very nice London office."
Retail, Graduate, London
"The location is stunning and overlooks London Bridge with a large terrace for lunch. Bike, gym and shower facilities are all on site and our canteen is excellent."
Graduate, City of London
"We're in a convenient location with good facilities and the dress code is formal."
Graduate, London
"The office is very nice and well located (next to Cannon Street station), but we will be moving in a few years. The dress code is smart although it's unusual for men to be required to wear a tie."
Graduate, London
"My office is located in the heart of the City. We have great facilities including canteens, showers and bike storage. The dress code is suits for men but no tie is required unless there's an external meeting, usually."


"The offices are extremely nice, especially if you are in the Nomura building. We are moving to even nicer ones in about two years. The dress code is business casual."
Graduate, London
"Decent office. Moving to brand new building soon."
Graduate, London
"Employees are spread out over a couple of buildings. By the end of 2018 we should all be in one building, which should hopefully integrate the business units a little better. Dress code is business casual and tends to be down to your own preference."
HR, Graduate, London
"Location is superb. Facilities are good but we're severely lacking space and it'll be another two years before we move to a bigger building. Dress code is totally fine."
Graduate, London
"Office location, layout and facilities are all very good. M&G are moving to new offices in the not-too-distant future so I would expect the rating for this answer to increase once we move across to the new premises."
Graduate, London
"I do not work in the main M&G building, but the office I work in is amazing."
Graduate, London
"Good space and located very conveniently close to different tube stations right in the City. Good facilities such as meeting rooms, video rooms, auditorium and canteen. The dress code is formal."
Finance, Graduate, London
"The offices are great and are in the heart of the City. However, there are too many employees for the space so it's becoming slightly packed. We'll move to a new building in Fenchurch Avenue in 2018."
Graduate, London


"The offices are very light due to an atrium, although they are also becoming more cramped as staff numbers grow. Smart casual dress code."
Entry level, London
"Great location, good facilities. The dress code is smart but not overly formal."
Graduate, London
"Good location. Office environment not too impersonal given its size."
Graduate, London
"The office is lovely but it's run out of room. The desks are packed in and there is often nowhere for rotating graduates to sit."
Graduate, London
"Offices are comfortable and functional, meeting rooms are very nice. Great location in the City. The dress code is smart, ties are optional."
Graduate, London
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