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8.3 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"One-month training to begin the grad scheme. Followed by paid-for lessons for finance courses (investment management certificate, chartered financial analyst etc)."
Graduate, London
"All graduates are put on a month-long training programme that looks into asset management knowledge along with practical skills like how to give presentations or use excel effectively. On going support is given for the investment management certificate and any scheme-specific qualifications you'd like to achieve. There are also opportunities to attend sessions by the learning and development team that could be on areas of the business or other interesting topics that could help develop your career."
HR, Graduate, London
"Good schedule of training available for employees. Employer has paid for classes for me to maintain my Spanish language skills, which is very important to me."
Graduate, London
"As part of the graduate scheme there was a compulsory training course, the IMC (investment management certificate), for which excellent training was provided by M&G. Aside from this it's very much up to the employee to determine any useful/appropriate courses. M&G are generally happy to fund such pursuits."
Graduate, London
"One month of training when I initially joined teaching us about presentation skills, writing skills, investment administration, fund management, derivatives, financial modelling etc. Mandatory completion of the IMC (investment management certificate) qualification, which related to the investment management industry. On going sessions where you sign up for a course that you may feel you want to learn more in as per the work you do. Examples could be Excel or PowerPoint courses, among others. CIMA (chartered institute of management accountants) qualification where I'm learning about management accounting and trying to link things learned to real-life scenarios performed at M&G."
Finance, Graduate, London
"Initial training of one month, based on very basic financial concepts. Classes for the investment management certificate. One-week training with Fitch on credit analysis. Classes for the chartered financial analyst exam (with ten days of study leave)."
Graduate, London


"M&G invests heavily in an initial four week graduate training course and continuing formal and informal development."
Graduate, London
"Training programme at the start of the scheme was comprehensive and I learnt a lot. Also good to get to know the others in the graduate cohort/make friends, etc."
Graduate, London
"There is an initial on-boarding course. Training is also provided for industry exams. Ad hoc training is based on specific needs. Thorough psychometric-based training and feedback."
Graduate, London
"Five-week induction training was very useful, enjoyable and interesting. The company offers a variety of courses that can be taken throughout the year."
Graduate, London
"Continuous in-house training – this is useful when it comes to learning about the business. Graduate training in both technical skills and soft skills – very useful."
Graduate, London
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