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Application for Pupillage

Monckton Chambers offers pupillage for twelve months and is full time. Pupils who have other commitments should be aware that they must organise those commitments around their pupillage obligation, which takes precedence. Monckton Chambers recruits pupils in the expectation of being able to offer them tenancy, should they meet the required standard. Most successful candidates for pupillage will have a First Class Honours degree (although it need not be in law) or a graduate degree in law. In the past 10 years, 16 out of 17 Monckton pupils were offered tenancy.

  • Typically, two pupillages have been offered each year.
  • We offer pupillage awards of £65,000 for pupillages starting in 2018.

Several members of chambers have come to us via a non-standard route – for example having previously worked at NGOs, as solicitors, academics or civil servants. We welcome such applications. For more information, please download our Pupillage brochure.

Deferred Pupillage

Chambers may from time to time consider deferred pupillage applications. When it does so the opportunity will be advertised via Pupillage Gateway. It is anticipated that a decision on whether or not to invite deferred pupillage applications will be made in February of each year for pupillages commencing in the October 2 ½ years thereafter. We invite applicants with an interest in a deferred pupillage to submit their CV with a letter of application explaining the reasons for seeking a deferred pupillage via email - visit our wesbite for details.

How To Apply

Monckton Chambers is a member of the Bar Council Pupillage Gateway and all applications should be made in accordance with that scheme. We invite applications from pupils in the year preceding the October in which pupillage is due to start. We are, however, in exceptional circumstances willing to consider applications for deferral.

Our interview process is in two stages. The first interview is relatively informal: we try to find out as much as we can about the candidate, with a view to identifying skills, achievements and experiences that may suggest that he or she would make a good barrister in a set of chambers such as ours. The questions we ask at this stage typically focus on the candidate’s Pupillage Gateway application form. The first interview also provides an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about Chambers and pupillage with us.

We offer a second interview to a short list of candidates. The second interview is based on a legal problem that the candidate has been given to consider immediately before the interview. The problem is intended to test the candidate’s critical reasoning skills, rather than his or her knowledge of any particular area of law. It is designed to provide us with a fair and objective way of selecting the best candidates from the small group of exceptionally able people who have made it through to the second round stage.

Candidates invited for a second interview who have not previously completed a mini-pupillage are offered the opportunity of spending a few days with us to learn more about what we do and to experience the atmosphere in Chambers.


We operate a mini-pupillage scheme. This is intended for people who are in their final year at, or have already graduated from, university, and who are interested in our areas of legal practice. Visit our website for details.

Third Six Month Pupillage

We do on occasion offer third six month pupillages.

Special Pupillage & Hosting Arrangements

We also exceptionally offer periods of pupillage to candidates who have completed part of their pupillage elsewhere.  For details click here.

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