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9.0 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2016)


"Relaxed environment. Graduates work together to hit targets."
Graduate, London
"During office hours: professional, hard-working, get things done. Outside of office hours: very social, fun, good networking opportunities."
Capital Markets, Graduate, London
"Depends on each team – some work more as individuals and some work collectively as a team. Socialising is a strong point for the company with many social events (both organised and spontaneous)."
Graduate, London
"Very sociable company both after hours and in the office. Everyone is very approachable at all levels and the atmosphere is a very positive one. Graduates feel that they can speak to partners for advice or socialise with them. My team has a focus on working together to bring in fees rather than competing against each other."
Graduate, London
"Montagu Evans does not have a hierarchical way of working, which is good. It allows graduates to feel comfortable approaching and asking questions of partners and other surveyors. The teams within professional services are all very sociable too."
Graduate, London
"The culture on my floor is very sociable and everyone knows each other. In terms of the wider company, integration could be improved. Having said that, I could be more proactive in this area and there are still opportunities to get to know the wider company, such as having lunch with partners."
Graduate, London


"At Monty's there is very much a team environment. Each service line is situated in a team. However, there is considerable cooperation between departments. Like everywhere there is a clear hierarchy with partners at the top, etc but everyone mixes together. I sit next to four partners and they are genuinely interested and treat me as if I was one of them. After work there is a great social scene with regular trips to the pub, days out, sports teams, etc. It is a fantastic, fun environment."
"There is a good social side to the company and all senior staff are generous to younger staff on such occasions which definitely helps in making them feel appreciated and part of the team."
"The company has a good social aspect - drinks and lunches frequently take place with people from all levels i.e. from graduates to partners."
"Socialising amongst colleagues is great. We have team days, company-wide evenings out such as 'quiz night', as well as a drink at the pub on a Friday. I have direct working relationships with partners, so get excellent opportunities to learn."
Retail, London
"The company has a fairly clear hierarchy, which reflects the partnership structure, but outside the office it is very common to find a graduate having a conversation with a partner. There is a good friendly and sociable environment in the office which is also evident on team away days and when playing for company sports teams including the football team."
"I have found that the company has a good work ethic and a welcoming culture."
"The company has a particularly good culture in the office and after hours. Good performance annually is often rewarded through bonus and special events. There is hierarchy and structure within the company, although this does not translate poorly to delegation of workload or cooperation and teamwork."
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