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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The application process consists of two rounds of interviews, and all candidates must undertake the vacation scheme."
First year trainee, London
"The process is a cover letter and CV submitted to the Director of Administration. I would prepare a very precise cover letter and ensure there are no small mistakes or inaccuracies that you cannot stand over. I would research the firm as best you can, as the interviewers will want you to show that you are aware of MoFo and its core practice areas. Most importantly, be yourself: personality will play a big role."
Second year trainee, London
"The application is a simple CV and covering letter, which is attractive as you are given the freedom to express yourself and your experiences, with limited guidance with regards to structure. The process begins with a first stage interview, usually with two associates and the graduate recruitment co-ordinator. After that is a second stage interview with two partners and a trainee, where you will be required to give a short presentation on a chosen topic. The final group of successful candidates will then be put on a two week vacation scheme, after which a number will be given training contract offers. Researching the firm in key when it comes to applying and preparing for interviews. It is always good to show a knowledge of the firm's key practice areas and biggest deals. You should also be sure of why you have applied to the firm in particular and be able to discuss this."
First year trainee, London
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