Why they chose your company?

Motability Operations is a well-established and dynamic organisation with a high performance culture. Everyone is friendly, highly motivated and passionate about what they do and there is a strong emphasis on customers.

The graduate scheme appeared highly rewarding and offered the variation and challenges I was looking for, as well as long term progression and support. I was astounded by the level of exposure to Senior Management and responsibility offered from the onset; and impressed by the opportunities available to work in a variety of departments and on a range of projects across the business.

What the graduate’s role involves: typical activities and key responsibilities?

I am currently in my second placement in Finance as a Financial Planning and Overheads Analyst, and have been heavily involved in our Annual Operation Plan, which provides the latest cost estimates for this financial year, the expected cost estimates for next year and forecasts the high-level estimates for the future. This has involved attending the Sub Divisional and Divisional roadshows for both Business Risk and Insurance and meeting with all the cost centre managers. I am also currently working on a high profile project to produce a high-level document for our non-executives to explain the financial planning process.

Further on in my placement, I will work within each team in Finance across both the London and Bristol offices, including Treasury and Financial Reporting and Tax Management to learn their processes and practices, which will be an invaluable experience.

What training the graduate has received?

The opportunity to work in a variety of roles and departments has also enabled me to gain hands-on experience and develop my personal and professional abilities, as well as learn new skills. In addition to on the job training, I have been involved in training sessions on communication and assertiveness and managing mental health in the workplace. I have also received continuous support, guidance and feedback from my mentor who is a Senior Manager in the company, as well as my Sponsor who is a director who has overseen my progression throughout.

If the graduate is on a structured/formal scheme, what that involves

The Motability Operations graduate scheme is approximately 18 months and involves a rotation of three placements, each one lasting about six months, across both the London and Bristol sites. On successfully joining Motability Operations, I had a one-month induction of the company. This involved visiting every department across the business including visits to dealerships and an auction, as well as a visit to Motability the charity to gain an insight into the relationships between the two organisations. In each placement, I have worked on a high profile project giving me significant responsibility, as well as helping my teams with everyday activities. As a graduate, I have also had a substantial amount of contact time with Directors and Senior Management and have presented to both the Chief Executive and HR Director.

Highlights of the work the graduate has done

One of the highlights of the graduate programme has been the opportunity to work on high profile projects with key stakeholders and senior managers across the business. Recently Motability Operations obtained their FCA accredited status and as part of that requirement needed to take reasonable steps to ensure all supplying dealers, who supply cars to the scheme, had the appropriate credit broking permissions in place. My role was to build a brand new process that was fully functional and efficient in identifying dealerships that do not have sufficient credit broking permissions, reducing risks for both our customers and business. This has allowed me to network and build relationships across the business and gain expose, whilst also developing new skills both personally and professionally.

What the graduate enjoys about their job

I have been at Motability Operations for nearly a year, and I am amazed at how much I have learnt and developed as an individual. Every day is different and poses new challenges, which is highly rewarding.

What challenges the graduate has faced and how they have overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided

One of the challenges I have faced as a graduate is having self-confidence in my own ability. Naturally, I am quite an introverted individual and have found it challenging to push myself outside of my comfort zone when a situation is unknown or new to me. As part of the graduate scheme, I have already had experience of working in two different departments and on a range of high profile projects, which has been challenging, but has really helped me to develop as an individual and realise my own potential. I have had incredible support and encouragement from my sponsor, mentor and graduate buddy and I now embrace and seek new challenges.

Why they like working for you and anything that is particularly perky!

Motability Operations is an incredible company to work for and the culture is incomparable. Our office facilities match up to the high standards of the organisation and we have regular socials throughout the year.