The main reasons I applied to the graduate scheme at Motability Operations were two-fold. Firstly, the company seemed to find a good balance between being commercial and being customer-centric. It’s been great to see that this isn’t rhetoric, as the customer is always at the centre of any commercial discussion. Secondly, the graduate scheme itself seemed to offer the autonomy and flexibility that I required whilst still maintaining a significant emphasis on my development. And since joining, I have been given real responsibilities that have an impact on the organisation; in addition, the autonomy that the scheme offered has resulted in finding roles that really resonate with me – roles that I wouldn’t have otherwise looked into. Ultimately, I have been given the opportunity to hone my strengths whilst also tackling my weaknesses.

This isn’t to suggest that there hasn’t also been more structured training. The first five weeks entailed substantial and rigorous training, which ranged from classroom training to spending time with various individuals across the organisation – including the charity, Motability. In addition, my development has continued into my placements, as I have monthly catch-ups with a Director (my sponsor) and a Head of Function (my mentor) who concentrate on where I can develop and how this can be facilitated.

I have completed one six month placement, and I am half way through my second placement. My first placement involved coordinating teams of 15-25 that were supporting the delivery of a series of business briefings that we were holding around the country. I also project managed a series of workshops that directly followed these briefings and helped develop a qualitative feedback programme – amongst other things. It was really enjoyable to be given substantial deliverables early on in my career at MO, and Including the opportunity to present to our Executive Committee on my placement.

I am now enjoying my second placement as a Business Analyst, a role that I helped secure. I identified the role as one that offered me the ability to further my strengths but in an environment that I had thus far not had the opportunity to experience: Business Systems The role has been exactly what I had hoped for; working to ‘Agile’ methodologies in a more technical arena has allowed me to utilize my strengths in communication and organisation whilst developing my skills as a BA, and its various facets.

The main thing I enjoy about my job is that there is a real weight placed on my development. The company is clear in their support for your development and will definitely help facilitate it if you offer the drive and ambition that is required.