How has your career developed since joining Mott MacDonald as a graduate?

I joined Mott MacDonald as a graduate in 2011 as an electrical engineer working within the transmission and distribution division and power system analysis team. In my first two years I was involved in a variety of different projects which helped me to develop my engineering skills and learn different software tools which were required for the different jobs. I completed a six month graduate rotation within a different team in transmission and distribution which exposed me to different engineering projects and project work.  This rotation gave me more site based experience and I worked at Faslane Naval base for a couple months where I enjoyed working in a different environment out of the office. 

After two years I started to project manage some smaller jobs taking on the responsibility of managing budgets and dealing with clients.  I spent six months on an international assignment in our Houston office in Texas where I got the opportunity to support the graduate engineers and help build relationships between the power system analysis teams in Glasgow and Houston.  

Since returning from my international assignment in 2014 I have been managing larger projects, dealing with more challenging clients and coaching and supporting junior engineers and graduates on their projects.The next step in my career is to become professionally registered as a chartered engineer.

What are your favourite projects that you have worked on?

There have been a few exciting projects that I have been involved in whilst at Mott MacDonald.  One project which enabled me to show my creativity, development and problem solving skills was the design of a C-Type Filter for a transmission network in Sarawak.  This was a non-standard type of study the team complete and I was the project engineer responsible for developing the methodology and calculation to provide details of the component values which could be used for the installation.  Based on the work I gave a presentation at the IET event Present Around the World competition.

As a project manager my favourite project has been managing Canada LNG where we were to provide comprehensive power system analysis for the LNG installation to be built in Canada.  I managed a small team of graduates and project engineers to deliver the studies and also managed a challenging client during the project.  Based on this work I entered the Mott MacDonald internal Award Project Manager of the Year.

Finally a project I have enjoyed working outside of the office has been an arc flash assessment for an offshore platform.  I was required to go offshore to the Buchan Platform in the North Sea and conduct an electrical survey to obtain information which I could use for the software model to complete the arc flash assessment for the platform.  I enjoyed this project as it was my first trip offshore and I got to work within a different environment.

What is the best thing about working at Mott MacDonald? 

Working on a variety of interesting and technically challenging projects around the world.  I have worked on projects which are taking place in Canada, Nigeria, America, Australia, Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand and a little closer to home, the North Sea.  As Mott MacDonald is a global company there is also the opportunity to travel globally which I have been fortunate to take advantage of by working in Houston Texas and I hope to take advantage of again in the future.

What do you think makes Mott MacDonald unique?

Mott MacDonald has a commitment to professional excellence and actively encourages developing professionals, junior engineers and staff to engage with this initiative and help drive business plans.  The company promote successes and rewards staff internally through awards and competitions.  There is also encouragement to enter external awards and to make contributions to external events such as conferences.  Based on some of the work I have been involved in whilst at Mott MacDonald I got the opportunity to develop a paper and present it at an external conference.

What support have you had whilst working towards your chartership?

Within my first week of joining Mott MacDonald, I was assigned a mentor and enrolled onto the graduate development portal upGRADe.  I was encouraged to complete quarterly reports detailing what I have been working on and institutional competencies I had targeted and planned to target going forwards.  I had regular meetings with my mentor discussing my progress and ways I could develop myself further.  My mentor provided feedback to me and gave me an indication of the institutional competencies I had achieved.  When I was ready to complete my professional registration application my mentor gave feedback on my application and prepared me for my professional review interview.

What is the most exciting thing you have done at Mott MacDonald to date?

In 2014, I got the opportunity to complete a six month international assignment in our Houston office in Texas.  During my time there I got the chance to support the graduate engineers, work on exciting projects over there and help build relationships between the power system analysis teams in Glasgow and Houston