Why did you choose a graduate scheme at Mott MacDonald?

I chose Mott MacDonald because I liked the idea of being a part of an employee owned company which had not only national, but international status and recognition. For my sector (environment) Mott MacDonald is one of the best consultancies there is, and of course I wanted to work for the best!

What did your family and friends think when you got the position?

My family and friends were really proud  and excited for me when I got my initial six month internship with Mott MacDonald in January 2014 (just five months after graduating) as all my hard work and many job applications had finally paid off! They were even prouder when that internship culminated in the offer of a position on the graduate scheme five months later.

 What’s your graduate scheme like?

The graduate scheme for environment is great, you get to be involved with all sorts of project work, from helping write reports to ecological site surveys and client engagement.

What was it like to start formal employment?

For me, starting formal employment was a fairly easy transition after university; I had worked as an administrative assisted for my student union all through my degree and as an assistant environmental advisor to a local asbestos removal company after graduating before joining Mott MacDonald. I think if your work is something you are really passionate about then it’s not hard to make the transition – plus I’ve always been a morning person!

What’s the best thing about working at Mott MacDonald?

My colleagues are brilliant, and many of them I would consider as friends, even outside the workplace - Mott MacDonald is a really happy, inclusive and supportive company to work for. I’ve also really enjoyed the challenges that have been presented through the projects I have worked on.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve been involved in and why?

To date the most exciting project I have been involved with is an Environmental Impact Assessment and Transport and Works Act Order for a tidal barrier. I’ve been working on this project for the last two years and have moved from assisting with the environmental inputs to managing and co-ordinating the project into our final delivery stages. I’ve been able to build really good relationships with the client and have even persuaded them to carry out a CEEQUAL assessment for the project – the first CEEQUAL assessment for the Environment Agency. 

What work achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the business case I put forward to the Environment Agency for a CEEQUAL assessment for the tidal barrier (which also enabled my training for the assessment).

What support did you get whilst you were working towards your professional qualification?

Not at that stage yet – still another year before I’ll need to starting thinking about chartership routes.

What’s the Mott MacDonald Academy about?

The Academy is about guiding you through your first four years of employment with Mott MacDonald and learning how the company works, from how to interact and communicate with your colleagues and clients to effective project management.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

I would encourage anyone to apply to Mott MacDonald, no matter your degree qualifications It’s a great company to work for with a wide array of opportunities and challenges.