Why did you choose a graduate scheme at Mott MacDonald?

The job was a perfect description of what I wanted to do. The staff/interviewers seemed like good co-workers. The environment as a whole seemed relaxed but professional with room for personal and professional growth. 

What did your family and friends think?

They were happy as I was able to secure a job/graduate scheme six months before even finishing university.

What’s your graduate scheme like?

The graduate scheme itself does not have anything major in addition to a normal job. I’ve been having some meetings with a chartership advisor and keeping up with my quarterly reports. I’ve also been offered secondment opportunities to help diversify my CV and meet required chartership criteria.

What was it like to start formal employment?

It was great. I was immediately thrown into a very large project (HS2) and had visibility with senior staff. As my department and line manager are very friendly and understanding it has been a smooth ride ever since. 

What’s the best thing about working at Mott MacDonald?

The environment is relaxed and professional. You can build trust with co-workers with the quality of your work and be left to produce a result that they know will be good. You are expected to be able to do the job and are free to seek help when necessary but have the liberty to “get on with it” and not be micromanaged.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve been involved in and why?

Brazilian city’s waste management strategy. I worked to produce a major strategy and recycling facility feasibility study on a city very close to where I was born and that will have major influence on how waste management progresses in South America.

What work achievements are you most proud of?

I’ve been proud of being able to always deliver work that has received great feedback and has kept senior staff satisfied both in quality and time frame. I’ve been able to help improve the efficiency of multiple processes and work quickly to find solutions to various time consuming problems through the use of creative thinking due to the freedom I’ve been granted.

What support did you get whilst you were working towards your professional qualification?

I’ve been assigned a tutor that meets with me to discuss my progress and what actions to take next in order to ensure that I can get my professional qualification in the appropriate period of time.

What’s the Mott MacDonald Academy about?

The Mott MacDonald Academy is a series of training programmes that are oriented towards growing your personal and professional capabilities. They have been very helpful thus far as it has helped introduce important concepts to the working life.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

No reason not to! However, then again I would say apply to everything, the more chances the better. Personal advice would be to make sure you come across as a good co-worker, not just good at your job, because at the end of the day the people interviewing you are likely to sit beside you and work with you all day – so they will want to hire someone they think will be friendly/funny/interesting as well as intelligent and good at the job.