Why did you choose a graduate scheme at Mott MacDonald?

I wanted to experience a diversity of subjects to some extent before ‘specialising’ in a particular sector, and as Mott MacDonald is active in 12 major sectors with the possibility of tapping into these through consulting, it seemed (and still seems) to be a good choice.

What did your family and friends think?

They were happy for me.

What’s your graduate scheme like?

Graduates within the consulting graduate scheme undergo on-the-job and classroom training within the first four to five years of their career, with an Certified Management Consultant exam to be taken at the end of that period to gain formal professional accreditation. 

What was it like to start formal employment?

Personally, I have been working since I was 15 years old in formal office environments and worked as a junior consultant during my postgraduate studies, so it was not a big change. But yes, not having to do ‘homework’ after leaving the office (most of the times) is great.

What’s the best thing about working at Mott MacDonald?

The people. The diversity of people is of course correlated with the diversity of sectors Mott MacDonald is present in. However, this really offers an in-house encyclopaedia feel.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve been involved in?

One of the most exciting projects I have worked on is managing a multidiscipline US$1M tender for a private public partnership project in Latin American for a major international development bank. The tight deadlines, skills tested, colleagues I worked with till late to deliver on time, commercial importance of the winning the bid, made this quite intense project enjoyable and an extremely great learning experience.

What work achievement are you most proud of?

There is a M&A project I worked on from its early stages throughout the commercial due diligence and completion stages. The client was so receptive to the way I analysed and presented the vast amount of data in graphical ways after phase 1, that they have requested that the following phases follow a similar format.

What support did you get whilst you were working towards your professional qualification?

Ongoing mentorship is provided till the professional qualification stage. The mentor will be able advise you of the steps you need to take in order to achieve your objectives, both professionally and personally. Also, Mott MacDonald supports you in the various training you and your manager think as appropriate, such as a project management Prince2 certification.

What’s the Mott MacDonald Academy about and what has your experience been of it so far?

The Mott MacDonald academy looks after your general professional training and development aligned with the amount of time within the company, giving you skills to do things such as manage stress and work-life balance, present in a more confident way etc.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

Research into the smaller comparatively and less well-known projects that Mott MacDonald has been commissioned with. It is natural for a large organisation like Mott MacDonald to have been and be involved in a flagship projects, but the smaller ones are also a very good way to gain a better understanding of what kind of organisation it is.