Unlocking Creativity

1)    How has your career developed since joining Mott MacDonald as a graduate?

I joined Mott MacDonald in the geotechnical division of Singapore office. Before joining Motts, I gained work experience in a geotechnical software developer/consulting business. So far, within Motts, I have worked on Tunnels, Highways and Underground Structures related projects. I have been lucky enough to win the support and appreciation of my peers and now, my role has widened from simply clicking buttons to giving input on choosing the right software for a job and to create strategy to simulate a particular situation.

I also got an opportunity to interact with the asset owner and present our forecasts (from numerical analysis) on a critical assessment work in Singapore.

2)    What are your favourite projects that you have worked on? 

My favourite project to this date was an assessment of bored tunnels subjected to consolidation in soft soils. The site was reclaimed from sea and the ground was subsequently treated before tunnels were bored through it. The assessment required calibration of model parameters and lots of back analyses. 

Other projects I have been involved in includes Liverpool St. station (Moorgate Shaft) – assessment works and soil-structure interaction analysis for one of the station of Doha Gold Line.

3)    What is the best thing about working at Mott MacDonald? 

The best thing about Motts is that the company gives you total freedom, resources and mobility in developing your career path. With the projects I was involved in, not only I had to interact and share knowledge with my colleagues in geotechnics but I also got to learn a few things from people working in other domains, such as, rail infrastructure.

4)    What do you think makes Mott MacDonald unique?

Not only Mott MacDonald has made by its name by delivering robust infrastructure over the years but it’s a company which also looks into the future to shape our current practices for the best of the society – sustainability ranks high in all our infrastructure initiatives, we are also looking into using big data to improve the life-cycle of an asset whilst minimising risks to the owners, users and the environment. 

5)    What advice would you give to current students applying to Mott MacDonald?

I would say that once you join Mott MacDonald, don’t try to pigeonhole yourself into your own niche of work – try to branch out, socialise with other people and create a career out of things which you really love to do which may deviate from a linear path of ‘tick box exercise’ approach.