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(based on 186 ratings in 2014)


"Initially, progressing your career is fairly difficult but it is largely in your hands after you become a chartered member of a professional institute."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There is fairly standardised progression in engineering industry, aiming towards Chartership first and then onto either managerial or technical focus."
Graduate, London
"The company is very keen to get their graduates chartered. In doing this, they look to promote from within the company rather than hire in from elsewhere."
Graduate, Glasgow
"If you are prepared to work hard, get your professional qualifications and justify why you should be promoted, then I think it is fairly straightforward to progress in the company."
Midlevel, Inverness
"Due to the significant age gap between senior and graduate engineers there appears to be good opportunities for graduates entering the company, as these older engineers will be retiring in the near future."
Graduate, Croydon
"It is very possible to move up but of course from a graduate level in particular will require a lot of hard work, improving and learning as a engineer to move up through the ranks."
Graduate, Lerwick
"Progression is normally based on your experience and professional qualifications. No barriers though. And managers have been willing to explain requirements."
Midlevel, Reading
"In my experience promotion requires many years of experience and potentially specific technical qualifications."
Graduate, Greater London
"In my experience, getting a promotion is difficult but not unfair. It requires a lot of work but that is only to be expected."
Graduate, Manchester
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