9.2 / 10

(based on 43 ratings in 2017)


"We socialise regularly and work in a really collaborative and friendly environment."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The office has a nice relaxed atmosphere and it doesn't feel like there is a big difference between employees of differing seniority. There are lots of informal social gatherings along with more formal ones (Christmas dinner, summer party etc)."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There are lots of opportunities for personal and professional development. Work activities include the running club, outdoors club, cycling trips, football and charity races. Social trips include visits, pantomimes and restaurants for special occasions. There are lots of 'lunch and learn' opportunities both in-house and on Skype."
Graduate, Southampton
"There are team managers who sit and work with their employees and are always more than happy to help with any questions. There are opportunities to be part of sports and social activities outside of work with staff work parties organised regularly."
Graduate, Norwich
"It is a very welcoming environment with plenty of communication and collaboration between teams both in and out of the office."
Graduate, Manchester
"There is a sports and social club, in which I am actively involved, that organises after hours socialising events such as ten pin bowling and quizzes."
Graduate, Peterborough
"The culture is very open, respectful and communicative both in and out of the office. Each member of each team provides a valuable contribution during projects and different teams work together. The socialising among colleagues is valuable throughout the company and this is done through sports club and events."
Graduate, Southampton
"The culture reflects a high level of team work and communication. While there is a hierarchy in place, it rarely feels like this is the case. Furthermore, the office is generally very friendly with the opportunity to socialise both inside and outside of working hours."
Graduate, London


"During working hours, the culture of the company is exemplary, with a very ethical approach to their staff; however, aside from good staff social activities, there is definitely a lack of team building opportunities which some of our competitors seem to offer. Utilisation is very high at the moment which offers staff little time for reflection on completed projects and for non-fee earning work."
Graduate, Croydon
"There is a very comprehensive sports and social network in the Brighton office. There is a comfortable structure of hierarchy with very approachable people at all levels of the business. A good work ethic and teamwork is also abundant throughout the company."
Graduate, Brighton
"Colleagues are generally very encouraging and keen to help. The company is employee-owned (by senior staff) and therefore the management look to invest in staff by giving time and energy. There is generally a good co-operation and teamwork ethic within the company."
Graduate, Brighton
"I would describe the company as having an active, trusting and collaborative culture: Colleagues are encouraged to engage with fellow colleagues no matter what your pay grade is. Out of working hours there is always something to celebrate or an event to support (i.e. a charity football match)."
Graduate, London
"There are plenty of social activities that are organised outside of working hours such as rugby, football, and two free drinks on Friday at the end of the week! People within the infrastructure team are inclusive and have made a lot of effort to make me welcome. Despite there being a hierarchy within the office senior staff are happy to give advice and their time when they can."
Graduate, Bristol
"Hierarchy within the company is very obvious due to staff letter grading. However, that doesn't stop grades mixing - both inside and outside of work. There are good opportunities for socialising, both within your team and outside of it. The Birmingham office has a good YPE network which hosts events for young professionals while the sports and social club hosts events for the whole office."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The company has a standard structure but there is good access to people in management. Generally we have a friendly working environment and open, honest discussion is encouraged. Social activities are actively encouraged through office sports and social teams and funding."
Entry level,
"The culture can vary depending on the project you are working on but overall the atmosphere is very positive."
Graduate, Manchester
"The structure is very good. Everyone respects each other regardless of grade and everyone is treated as equal in every situation."
Graduate, Manchester
"Teamwork in the company is excellent. You can contact other colleagues with experience in specific areas with ease. The department is divided into teams with expertise in different areas. Each team has a head. Colleagues socialise out of work hours and there is a lot of opportunity to get involved in non work related activities."
Graduate, London
"I have found the company to have a professional, yet relaxed and welcoming culture. An extremely accessible hierarchy where senior managers are readily available to the whole company. Well organised structure allowing collaboration between disciplines. Strong and vibrant sports and social community with regular events."
Graduate, Bristol
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