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Green Initiatives

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(based on 189 ratings in 2014)


"Being environmentally aware is a key area of our industry so naturally it is a priority internally. A lot of recycling of waste occurs and we always seek new ways to improve the green status of our offices."
Graduate, Croydon
"There are lots of recycling bins around the office as well as cycle to work schemes, etc."
Graduate, Newcastle
"Being an environmentally aware business there are clearly defined targets for each local office to achieve a reduced carbon footprint. A detailed training course is compulsory for every new employee."
Graduate, Brighton
"The Birmingham Mott MacDonald office recently won a sustainability award, as it is something that we take seriously and work hard on as a company, both for the projects we are involved in and internally in terms of our own impact on the environment."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Clean development is a priority in every project we undertake, and this message comes from the very top of the company and works its way all the way down, even to claiming expenses for car journeys. If it turns out a car journey could have been replaced with a less carbon-heavy transport method, this will be taken forward in other projects. Also, with internet telephony systems now in place, travel between offices for meetings has been cut significantly, and has been replaced with teleconferencing."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The company recommends printing double sided and expects staff to recycle refuse in work."
Graduate, Bristol
"Mott MacDonald pride themselves on a sustainable approach. Recycling is encouraged throughout all offices and sustainability is a key part of all design work conducted."
Graduate, Altrincham
"There are systems in place to share documents easily online, reducing the need for printing. Recycling encouraged in office. Documents/drawings are issued to clients electronically where possible."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"The company has an environmental plan in every office, written by the workers in that office, for how to reduce carbon. Company-wide, they are hugely focused on sustainability both in what they do and how they do it."
Graduate, London
"The company have produced a carbon tracker and each project must now track its carbon footprint. The company also has local environmental management plans for each office which is enforced in each office by nominated representatives."
Graduate, Manchester
"The company works hard on becoming more sustainable. Measures have been taken around the office to help reduce the amount of energy wasted."
Graduate, London
"Company offices tend to use green technology and more-efficient equipment. Travelling is discouraged and where possible, public transport should be used."
Entry level, London
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