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Interview Questions


"I was asked to talk through my experiences in my CV and was asked to provide further detail of all the technical process and software I used in each project."
Graduate, Manchester
"I was asked what my passions were, what I would bring to the company, and what interested me about engineering."
Graduate, Brighton
"Questions included: What kind of engineering would you like to get into? Where do you see yourself in five years? I was also asked how I would solve certain problems and about my experience at university/summer jobs."
Graduate, Lerwick
"I was asked about my previous work experiences, my ability level with IT and software, how I see myself progressing, and my interest in working overseas."
Midlevel, Reading
"I was asked about my previous experience, my degree, if I knew anything about Mott MacDonald and why I wanted to become a consultant."
Graduate, Bristol
"What made you choose engineering? Why Mott MacDonald? Where do you see yourself in five years? A couple of technical questions regarding the railways industry e.g. Why would you expect exhaust systems to be located where they are, why might passenger doors be located at the ends of carriages for inter-city trains rather than in-board."
Graduate, Derby
"I was asked about what I was interested in, what attracted me to the company, which projects I was currently working on, and how I demonstrate leadership and teamwork in these projects."
Graduate, London
"Most of the interview questions are aimed at what you've done, the interviewers really want to know about you and how you will fit into the company. There are also a handful of technical questions just to see how you react and check your problem solving skills."
Entry level, London
"I was asked about my experience, my career goals and aspirations, my hobbies, interests, how I would handle certain project situations, what I looked for in an employer and how I would benefit the company and how I thought the company would benefit me."
Graduate, Croydon
"The interview focused on my previous experience and university modules and projects. Additional questions were asked about my interests outside of work and some brief technical questions were asked. Finally a short essay had to be completed after the interviewers left."
Graduate, Southampton
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