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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Read up about Mott MacDonald on the website, be honest about your intentions and make sure you're going for a role in a division you are interested in."
Graduate, Reading
"Be honest about your aims, ambitions and working style. You don't want to end up in an unsuitable job but there are a huge range of jobs in the company. You know you, they know the job, it's only by getting to know you that they can match you to the right job."
Graduate, Croydon
"Research the company, know where you want to be and have a flexible plan as to how you want to get there. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Interviewers see hundreds of people like you a year; you want to stand out to those that hire you, especially if you're interview with a Technical Lead or Divisional Head."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Know what you are talking about and what you have applied for. If you have to give a presentation make sure you have done everything to prepare correctly. Don't be too scared to ask the interviewer questions as it will show them that you are inquisitive and interested in the job."
Entry level, London
"Enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the role you are applying for are essential. My interview was more like a general chat between me and couple of senior engineers so; there is no need to be too nervous. Brush up on the commercial aspects of the company, in particular projects they are working on and their values, etc."
Graduate, Derby
"Only apply for a position you are enthusiastic about as it will be easier to discuss in the interview. Look up details on large scale projects the company have completed and check how it could apply to your past experience in education."
Graduate, Altrincham
"The main piece of advice I'd give to potential employees is to research the company and find out what sort of projects are being undertaken the sector you're interviewing for. Being able to reference this information will make you stand out within an interview because you've taken the time to do proper research on the jobs and have a good understanding of the type of work that's being carried out and why it's necessary."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Research the company and projects which the company is involved in. Look into the role you are applying for and include relevant information in your application/during discussion at the interview."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Demonstrate in your application and in person that you can adapt to many, often challenging, situations. Don't make the classic mistakes when working with a group (e.g. overpowering and dominating group work)."
Graduate, London
"Learn about the company and ensure you mention any relevant work experience which you have. Also think about what you gained from your previous experience and what you want to gain from your employment with the company."
Graduate, Manchester
"Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's not a interrogation, it's a discussion. Do your homework by understanding the services the company provides and their culture. Be honest."
Graduate, Brighton
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