"There are quick deadlines so you don't always have time to get involved in the wider things happening in the company."
Graduate, Leeds
"I was hoping to undertake more technical work."
Graduate, Southampton
"We have a lot of different platforms and software to get to grips with and they can sometimes have overlapping functions."
Graduate, Croydon
"If you have site visits as part of your work, it can mean a lot of travelling that can sometimes be for a few days at a time."
Graduate, Norwich
"I only received limited work to begin with so didn't feel very useful for a while."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The holiday allowance could be more generous."
Graduate, Newport
"The separation of line manager and project manager can sometimes make it hard to know who I should raise queries with."
Graduate, London


"Occasional high pressure/high stress projects."
Graduate, Croydon
"Being a large organisation, the amount of responsibility you have initially is limited."
Graduate, Sheffield
"At busy periods we sometimes have too much work for the amount of people in our team and at quiet periods it can be a struggle to keep yourself busy."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Workload is often unpredictable due to the nature of consultancy."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Can be periods of time with little work and then extremely busy periods."
Graduate, Newcastle
"It's large size can also mean that sometimes you are not given as much attention and guidance as you otherwise might receive at a smaller company."
Graduate, London
"Good performance is not always rewarded. Also my department can struggle to provide projects for development opportunities."
Entry level,
"You may end up feeling like a very small cog in a massive machine."
Entry level, Croydon
"In such a large company, it's easy to get lost in the layers of management and feel a bit out of touch with the top brass."
Entry level, Cardiff
"Pressure on project delivery means it is hard to find time for other pieces of non-billable work."
Entry level, London
"The office spaces are a little outdated for a company that is trying to show its self as a forward thinking and front runner within the industry."
Graduate, Croydon
"Starting here can be overwhelming as the company is very big - there are lots of processes to learn."
Graduate, Manchester
"Sometimes it is not always very transparent what I'm likely to work on in the future. Some of the work can be tedious during quiet periods."
Graduate, Manchester
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