"There's a very friendly atmosphere in the office with potential for varied work across a range of sectors."
Graduate, Croydon
"I receive a lot of support from my team and line manager. I feel like they really care about my progress and happiness within the company."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The people in my team are really top notch. Everyone is helpful and always willing to answer my many, many questions."
Graduate, Cardiff
"There's a good focus on development as well as many social and sporting opportunities. I have a friendly and helpful team who are experts in a large number of areas."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The work is interesting and the salary is competitive. The hours are reasonable, with a good work/life balance and the office culture is nice. It combines the benefits of working in a big company with the pluses of working in a small team."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The people I get to work with on a daily basis and the breadth of experience I have been able to gather in a short time."
Graduate, Manchester
"The business cares about the work it's doing and its employees. I feel that I have a positive impact on society and my company both values and encourages this."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The support we get from management with regards to opportunities for training and development as graduates."
Graduate, Peterborough


"Flexibility, welcoming and friendly environment, forward thinking company, varied and interesting projects, rotations around departments each year, plenty of support to develop."
Graduate, Sheffield
"Friendly atmosphere, approachable staff, excellent opportunities to be flexible in terms of your work discipline, and to experience a wide range of projects."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The variety of projects you can get involved in, although not always easy there are opportunities for secondments, going to work for contractors other consultants in joint ventures, etc."
Graduate, London
"Decent, flexible hours and benefits (such as buying extra leave, training courses available). Good opportunities as it is a large consultancy."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The training opportunities, competitive salary and support from managers."
Graduate, Bristol
"The variety of work that I have to do and the responsibilities that I am given are giving me a great chance at developing. The team I am in is very good and experienced and a friendly bunch. They are also good at sending people on training."
Graduate, Altrincham, Manchester
"Great experience of several different large scale projects with good working atmosphere and extra-curricular activities."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Well structured training programme and opportunities to be involved in big projects all around the world."
Graduate, Greater London
"The working environment is very calm and flexible, there is no physical barrier between senior engineers and graduates, any questions are answered quickly and effectively, the broad range of engineers means there is always someone to provide advice and guidance."
Graduate, Altrincham
"I get to work with great engineers, learn from them, and then take on more responsibility myself as I develop. The global reach of the company means I can travel within the company if I desire."
Graduate, Reading
"High-profile projects, good working environment, very helpful team and division."
Graduate, Croydon
"Excellent projects and experience opportunities currently, but this varies significantly by location. Salary is competitive and there is a good range of social activities. The atmosphere within the office is great. And there is a good emphasis placed on graduates."
Graduate, Croydon
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