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Relations with Management

7.6 / 10

(based on 198 ratings in 2014)


"There is a structure and a hierarchy on paper, but in the office you can talk to managers about anything and they are excellent mentors. Their doors are always open and they appreciate feedback. They also are aware of what goes on in the company and try to help those who need help especially regarding workload."
Graduate, Croydon
"My line managers are very accessible. There are monthly team meetings and fortnightly client meetings which convey information from management."
Graduate, near Birmingham
"I have found that the line manager system is very effective. They take active interest in your welfare and development."
Graduate, London
"I have found that the lines of communication between different levels of management are very good."
Graduate, Brighton
"Management are generally keen to help and communicate. Their time can be limited but there is a willingness to allow you to grow and improve."
Graduate, Brighton
"In general everyone is very approachable. Performance feedback is done informally over the course of each year, with an annual Performance and Development Review where an employee will sit down with their line manager and go over their achievements that year, and future professional targets."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Managers and mentors are supportive, and take interest in my development. Senior management tend to cascade information down. I believe performance is recognised at all levels though."
Midlevel, Reading
"Private offices are not a big thing in our company so we all work together in the office environment. Graduates, managers and directions all sit side-by-side in the office making it really easy to interact with one another."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Managers are accessible, they often drop by for a brief chat on how things are going and they provide regular feedback on performance. The company sends out newsletters highlighting achievements by employees."
Midlevel, Leeds
"Generally managers will show an interest if you promote yourself and prove that you are worthy of their interest. I feel very comfortable about talking with senior staff and making recommendations for improvements, etc if I think they are appropriate."
Graduate, Norwich
"The line managers/seniors are always around and tend to make time if you request it. Upper management is a bit busier."
Graduate, Croydon
"Managers are accessible and welcome the chance to mentor you. Performance feedback is good. Praise and recognition is minimal on a day-to-day basis or after a big job though. More constructive criticism would be welcome on my part."
Graduate, Croydon
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