Unlocking Creativity


7.3 / 10

(based on 197 ratings in 2014)


"Formal training is good, though I think a stronger focus is on a "learn by doing" approach with support from project managers, which has increased my confidence."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Starter training programmes involve a series of online classes and courses that must be completed. These have to do with the company and its ethos as well as health and safety."
Graduate, Croydon
"Although the training programmes are very helpful you will gain most of your skills from colleges teaching you things from experience. It is a really good environment to learn new things if you are around the right people."
Entry level, London
"There is limited formal technical training which disappointed me. There is though informal training on-the-job. Staff are keen to allow graduates opportunities to learn. Much for the formal learning has been limited to soft skills and financial management."
Graduate, Brighton
"In my area of the business we are enrolled on to a formal graduate scheme for four years when we start at the company. In addition, there are a range of training opportunities that we can uptake."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There is graduate academy which has a yearly training course on aspects such as communication and project management. Various other online courses are also available."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Funding is definitely available, but down side is you have to take the initiative when trying to find opportunities (which can be a hassle when you're busy)."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There are lots of courses focusing on the internal management system of the business and technologies available. Courses have made me more productive, however I would like more access to learning courses that could increase my engineering knowledge base or more specialist training."
Graduate, Bristol
"The company offers various training schemes accredited by a variety of professional institutions. It is structured well, led by you and your own initiative, and provides ample opportunity to learn from senior ranks or those who are just a year or two ahead of you."
Graduate, Croydon
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