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8.4 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2014)


"My training buddy always does his best to ensure I understand tasks and provides me with new skills."
Apprentice, York
"Your line managers have direct contact with you and then the head of department walks round and has a chat with you when he's in the office, he is always welcoming and says if we need anything then just pop into his office and let him know. I think the relationship you build up with the senior members also depends on how much you try to integrate yourself within the company and team."
Apprentice, London
"Everyone is easily accessible on my floor and I can approach anyone and ask for help when I need it."
Apprentice, London
"There is no split of management and other staff in the office, I sit amongst all grades - my mentor sits to my left and my manager is behind me. It is easy to communicate with them as they are always willing to set aside time for me even if occasionally they are busy with more important things they will fit me in."
Apprentice, London
"My supervisor/line manager is the best I have had out of anywhere I have work. My mentor is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met and takes the time to aid to anything I may have an issue with"
Apprentice, Croydon
"My mentor is great and is fully involved with my development here at Mott MacDonald."
Apprentice, Newcastle
"Supervisors come those you work with and you are always within a few desks of them. Although people get assigned buddies or mentors when it comes down to it you get help from the people around you which to me seems better."
Apprentice, York
"The supervisors are almost always available, and during one-to-one meetings they communicate to apprentices any feedback they feel is necessary."
Apprentice, London
"We are all assigned a 'buddy' when we start so we have somebody who can help us. As well as this, everybody is very welcoming and give feedback continuously."
Apprentice, Sheffield
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