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Interview Questions


"I was asked where I had previously studied, what I did in my free time, and about previous jobs and voluntary work. Other questions included: Why Mott MacDonald? And why do you like civil engineering?"
Apprentice, London
"There were various questions: Why was I interested in the job? Where did I see myself after the apprenticeship finished? What I would hope to gain from the apprenticeship?"
Apprentice, Sheffield
"Questions about the presentation and questions about yourself, for example; why do you want the job? What social activities do you engage in? etc."
Apprentice, Sheffield
"There were many questions relating to my CV and then had to talk about them in more depth. I was also asked why I had applied for the job."
Apprentice, York
"There were questions regarding my presentation and also about my previous experience and what I wanted to gain from my apprenticeship and my thoughts regarding my future."
Apprentice, Leeds
"I was asked all the typical introductory questions to all interviews. "Tells us a bit about yourself, What do you know about the company, Why do you want the job. Towards the end I was asked technical questions to test my maths and science aptitude."
Apprentice, Croydon
"General questions about what you would do in certain situations, then more technical questions about how you would realistically create the bridge/stadium talking about foundations and soil."
Apprentice, Sheffield
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