Unlocking Creativity



"The choice of colleges is very minimal however not a major issue as the same content is taught and the success rates are similar."
Apprentice, London
"As I am the first apprentice with in this office, it took a while for people to adjust to how to work with me."
Apprentice, London
"There can be a lack of responsibility due to people's perception of your capabilities."
Apprentice, Newcastle
"Although I have set this as an objective within my PDR for two years, I wish to get involved in projects from the concept stage through to completion."
Apprentice, Newcastle
"Work comes in peaks and troughs. At times during a contract there is plenty of work but there are also periods of downtime."
Apprentice, York
"Trying to balance the work I have to do for my company and the work I have to do as part of my course."
Apprentice, Southampton
"There is no guarantee that work is always available for apprentices."
Apprentice, Croydon
"Disciplines and teams are chosen for you, and there are little to no opportunities to move around and try different disciplines/teams."
Apprentice, London
"It can be difficult managing college and work at the same time and ensuring that I stay up-to-date with both."
Apprentice, Croydon
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