Unlocking Creativity

One Small Change


"I think the college day should be shorter. At the moment, it is too long for you to actually take in any information for the last two or three hours because you have already been there for seven hours."
Apprentice, London
"I would like to have been given more design work and exposure to projects at an early stage."
Apprentice, Newcastle
"I would appreciate being given some extra time to get my college work completed."
Apprentice, Sheffield
"I would like more one to one support and for the company to group apprentices together more. Also, I think the company should give an apprentice a mentor who can help with his day-to-day work and act as a role model, for example a Senior Technician."
Apprentice, London
"I would like to have the occasional department rotation to gain more varied experience."
Apprentice, Liverpool
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