Unlocking Creativity



"The variety of disciplines and knowledge of the employees give me a wide range of assistance and knowledge. I also like travelling into London and getting paid and learning at the same time."
Apprentice, London
"All the new information you learn and the support I have been provided. People are happy to accommodate me in their work. You get out what you put into the work."
Apprentice, Birmingham
"As an apprentice, I like the exposure I have to projects as I am often shared throughout the office. This doesn't only help my skills and knowledge but it helps me to network around Mott MacDonald."
Apprentice, Newcastle
"You are treated well and help is given when you ask for it, I have never experienced a time when I was stuck and left without any guidance."
Apprentice, York
"I am able to learn and study at work while also having an involvement in many different projects at Mott MacDonald. I have a larger understanding of civil engineering and how it has an effect on society."
Apprentice, Croydon
"Earning money while I learn and having opportunities to develop new and different skills as well as working on various different projects."
Apprentice, Southampton
"Ability to learn while doing live project work."
Apprentice, Croydon
"I get to work with very knowledgeable people, as part of a large team working on major infrastructure projects across the UK and internationally."
Apprentice, London
"The company give you great opportunities to work on huge projects that are known worldwide. Everyone you meet is nice and always willing to help you and answer any questions that you throw at them."
Apprentice, London
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