I knew I wanted to work in banking and finance but wasn’t sure exactly where. The analyst programme at MUFG offered a great introduction to the industry and an insight into how the different teams and areas work together. The experience helped me to understood what I enjoyed the most, and determine the team I wanted to join – which I would have been able to do straight out of University.

During my time at MUFG a key learning for me was the realisation that that the different markets, industries and sectors are actually more closely linked and inter-dependent than you might at first think. It really was fascinating to see first hand how the world economy works.

In terms of my role, what I love most is working on live transactions, where timeframes are tight and it's my responsibility to make sure all the necessary processes and approvals are in place. Outside work, I've joined the MUFG netball team, which is fantastic fun. I'm also an active member of the Balance network, which runs many events throughout the year to promote gender balance in the workplace.