From the outset, I realised MUFG was not like other financial institutions. Even their assessment centre was structured differently from those of other banks. The assessors were very friendly, and the exercises themselves centred on things like teamwork and communication skills rather than our technical expertise. It was challenging for sure, but I felt totally comfortable and knew that this was the right business for me.

Even with a background in Accounting and Finance, I found the induction really useful. Most of the content was new to me and I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about the wider market and the workings of the organisation. The topics we covered also included things like Japanese culture and Bloomberg training, which made for a really well-rounded introduction to the business and the role.

If I had to choose one words that sums up the culture at MUFG, it would be 'Mosaic' – the name of the network created as part of our Inclusion & Diversity strategy to promote and celebrate different nationalities and cultures within the bank. Within the wider Coverage team in London, we speak more than 30 languages. And my team alone includes 8 different nationalities, which is a huge number for such a small team.