Career Prospects

6.9 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"Graduates are on a fixed-term contract so their career progression depends on securing a job upon completion of the scheme. There are good prospects of getting a permanent role offer as the graduate scheme is an excellent opportunity to explore the work of various departments across the organisation and to network with senior managers."
Graduate, London
"You have to be very opportunistic and willing to go above and beyond your work role to be promoted. You have to be proactive and develop yourself in a variety of ways to fit into the role of your choosing."
Graduate, Chichester
"There is a very strong belief in keeping graduates on - ex-graduates are now at senior manager level in the organisation and all graduates where I work have been offered jobs at the end of the scheme."
Graduate, Gloucester
"I am uncertain how many opportunities there will be in the future as hierarchies are cut out of the structure, but I believe if you have knowledge and experience of the organisation and the right attitude you can grow. Jobs will change too, so changing roles may not mean 'going up the ranks' as much."
"As a highly recognised national scheme, I believe that the NGDP allows you to develop the necessary skills to apply to many roles in the public sector. At my council, we are offered a two year permanent contract in a promoted position after the NGDP."
Graduate, Manchester
"There are often restructures so that the organisation can stay flexible in meeting customer needs, which provide an opportunity to apply for on-going roles."
Graduate, London


"Promotion is merit-based as per most local government organisations."
Graduate, Norwich
"All NMTs leaving the scheme who wished to stay found positions at a variety of levels, and the Assistant Chief Executive and Director of Adult's Social Care came up through a graduate scheme themselves. There is not a specific graduate retention strategy however."
Graduate, London
"If you are doing a good job, I think your chances of being promoted are high. To move up the ranks, I think I would need to have a strong track record, evidence of good relations with colleagues, creativity and vision and various qualifications that demonstrate that I have invested in my personal development."
Graduate, London
"Graduates are highly encouraged to apply for more senior roles on completion of the scheme."
Midlevel, London
"I do not know about the promotion possibilities but we are given placements with a lot of responsibility, and we work with many senior managers; therefore, I feel confident I have gained the relevant skills to progress in my career."
Graduate, Birmingham
"As it's a small organisation it can mean that it's difficult to jump up without others leaving - and even then it would be a significant jump. Local government as a sector, however, offers many opportunities to move sideways, providing you live near another authority."
Entry level, Crawley
"There are opportunities to impress from an early stage, but it depends on your council's situation whether there will be promotions available at the end of the scheme. However, your skill set should allow you to take opportunities at councils across the country."
Finance, Graduate, Selby
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