7.1 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2015)


"Everyone is really helpful and approachable. Some teams have a well-established practice to socialise outside work hours. The organisation provides good opportunities for mentoring and networking."
Graduate, London
"There are flexible working arrangements available, everyone I have worked with has been really nice, and as I moved to the area when I got on the graduate scheme it was great to receive the support of my new colleagues. There is a set chain of command from the elected members to the officers so decisions are made in a structured manner, however this doesn't mean that the structure is too strict, and working across the organisation in teams occurs."
Graduate, North Lincolnshire
"There is a real belief in flexible working - all teams and managers encourage staff to work the hours that suit them best. There is no culture of staying around till the boss goes home to look good; you are judged on the quality of your work, not the hours in the office. The workplace environment is extremely friendly and welcoming."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Local authorities are so varied, but my department is collaborative, challenging and supportive. Teams work very hard and in a professional environment, although they all enjoy a good work/life balance and get along well."
Graduate, London
"My work is flexible and I work at home at least once a week. My hours are flexible which makes it easy to foster a good work/life balance. Everyone in the office is really friendly and supportive of the graduate scheme, although teams usually stick to themselves. There are regular team meetings which allow us to all group together and share ideas and experiences."
Graduate, London
"There is a good work/life balance throughout the council, allowing for flexible working for those with childcare constraints. Working at a very large council, there is a definite hierarchy but huge cooperation within teams and services. Socialising among other NGDP trainees at the council is frequent, aided by our residential learning modules."
Graduate, Manchester
"It's very informal, and incredibly welcoming and friendly wherever I go in the organisation. There's no internal 'competition' or manoeuvring. I have lunch or go out for after work drinks with colleagues a couple of times a week. The best thing is probably senior management. Everyone's perfectly aware of their status yet there's no sense of enforced hierarchy - the chief exec will happily stop for a moment's chat in the corridor, or your Head of Service will want to know your thoughts on a project. There's a great deal of mutual respect."
Graduate, London


"The graduate social life is fantastic and we have a network of young professionals across the organisation, who meet to exchange ideas on a regular basis. I have access to senior officers and I have many opportunities to contribute to the strategic decision-making of the organisation. Teams work well together and I have been welcomed and supported by colleagues."
Graduate, London
"Working in local government more generally is great, people want to help others and spend public money in the best way possible. On the scheme there were a lot of socials and other opportunities to mix with people."
Midlevel, London
"The National Graduate Development Programme's culture is very supportive and I always know who to contact with any issues. Being in a London council is a bonus, as there are so many other NMTs here - I am fortunate that it is easy to meet up and share experiences with them."
Graduate, London
"The organisation can be hierarchical and decision making can be slow and involves several layers. In my opinion, the organisation can be a little siloed; although, there are change initiatives underway to promote a flatter, more collaborative working culture. My current service is very friendly, supportive and colleagues socialise with each other outside of work."
Graduate, Halifax
"Every team has a different culture, but overall the office is generally relaxed and chatty, conversations are usually about work and are very interesting. Drinks after work can be rare but there’s a good graduate network. The average age of the staff currently is generally around 40 but this is changing as lots of local authorities are taking on graduates and apprentices."
Midlevel, London
"The company can be siloed with many departments keeping to themselves, but we have just had a new CX who is attempting the culture, he has been very open and honest and is genuinely interested in hearing our views. The culture within my particular team is great, we all help each other with work and go for drinks once a week."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The culture can be very different depending on which department you are in, but I have always felt welcomed and part of the team. Colleagues are very social and often go for drinks after work."
"Working flexi-time really allows for a good work/life balance. There is a good sense of camaraderie amongst the cohort across the country, and the residential conferences are a great opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and socialising."
Finance, Graduate, Selby
"Flexible working is encouraged which I think is good as it helps promote a culture of work/life balance. Working in an open-plan environment also encourages a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere."
Graduate, Selby
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