Green Initiatives

7.6 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"Surrey County Council has three strategic priorities: one of which is the environment, to make it cleaner, safer and more sustainable."
Midlevel, London
"At times it can feel a little 'tacked on' for public appearances, but consideration for the environment is definitely there. There are some major projects (i.e. LED street lighting and solar panels) and some initiatives in the workplace (i.e. recycling drives and reminders to switch off monitors)."
Graduate, Gloucester
"The authority has environmentally friendly offices with a gradual move towards paperless working also under way."
Graduate, London
"My council is very pro-green, with initiatives on an employee level, such as cycle to work and public transport schemes. They are also pro-green on a company and resident level, partly as it saves them money!"
Graduate, Manchester
"There is lots of signage around using bikes, hand dryers and switching off computer monitors. There are initiatives run in the council to encourage staff to cycle."
Graduate, London


"The council took the opportunity of moving into a new civic centre to reduce its carbon footprint dramatically, and the building is one of the greenest in the country. The organisation has gone 'paper-lite,' recycling bins are always next to general waste and the council participates in a number of schemes such as Cycle to Work that help people to reduce their carbon footprint."
Graduate, London
"We have solar roof panels, lots of recycling facilities, and we are encouraging sustainable travel to work."
Entry level, London
"We're turning off all the streetlights at night and we have a statutory duty to be kind to the environment."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The organisation is committed to making the county the greenest in England and has undertaken measures such as purchasing electric cars as part of the pool car fleet."
Graduate, Ipswich
"There are various initiatives and marketing campaigns to reduce energy and resource consumption."
Graduate, London
"The new building has incorporated many environmentally friendly features."
Graduate, London
"Local Government promotes in-office recycling, and takes part in the Surrey-wide Sustainable Transport Challenge."
Graduate, Dorking, Surrey
"My Council has created a Carbon Roadmap in which it sets out how Birmingham will be a leading green city and achieve an ambitious 60% reduction in the cities total CO2 emmissions by 2027."
Graduate, Birmingham
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