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Interview Process


"The NGDP interview process and assessments is done in several stages. This involves a written application, a test, followed by an assessment centre (presentation on what was written in the exam and a group exercise), I had seven interviews overall. Each authority had different interview styles."
Graduate, London
"The majority of councils have frozen external recruitment and will only hire externally once all internal employees have been offered an opportunity to apply for the job. This is why the NGDP is an excellent foot in the door if you want to work in Local Government."
Entry level, Sheffield
"The interview process was long but typical of other graduate schemes I am aware of. It consisted of a written application, a test, an assessment centre and then interviews at specific councils."
Graduate, London
"My interview process was conducted by the LGA and the final step was an interview with my organisation. There was an online application followed by two assessment centres, a networking day and then finally, interviews with individual authorities. The authority I joined conducted a full day interview."
Transformation, Graduate, London
"I found it to be a challenging application process including assessment centres, tests and host authority interviews taking place throughout the year prior to the role beginning."
Graduate, Leeds
"The interview process is extremely rigorous - there are a number of online tests, formal written exams, presentation and group exercises, as well as the final interview. For the 90 or so places in our cohort over 3000 applied."
Finance, Graduate, Selby
"The process involves an application submission, two rounds of assessment centres, an information day, and then a round of interviews with multiple local authorities, and these can be gruelling. The assessment centres I found pretty straightforward - a mix of report-writing/synthesising information and group work tasks."
Graduate, Cambridge
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