"Sometimes working in such a big organisation can feel daunting and you can get lost in the vastness of it."
Midlevel, London
"The organisation can be slow and feel bureaucratic at times."
Midlevel, London
"Flexibility is lacking when it comes to selection of placements."
Graduate, London
"Personally, I do not think that the salary goes a long way in London!"
Graduate, London
"There is a lot of pressure of rising demand and shrinking resources, which throws up a lot of difficult decisions."
Graduate, London
"At my council, we don't get the opportunity to do a front-line placement which I would like to have seen."
Graduate, London
"The slow pace of embedding change within service areas can be a drawback."
"Sometimes the work I have to do is not always in a field I am interested in."
Graduate, London
"There are few other young people at work, so the culture can be quite slow-paced."
Graduate, Winchester
"The location is outside of London, and as a result there are not as many opportunities to attend lectures or network."
Entry level, Chichester


"Some tendencies towards bureaucracy can make changes difficult."
Entry level, Sheffield
"I have found that organisational culture can be challenging."
Graduate, Halifax
"There can be a lot of processes at times which can delay the impact or progress of a piece of work."
Transformation, Graduate, London
"There is a lot of red tape and resistance to change, however hopefully my time here can help change some of that."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Reductions in budget have limited opportunities for professional development."
Experienced, London
"The levels of bureaucracy in local government can stop things progressing as quickly as you would sometimes like."
"The IT systems could be updated."
Graduate, London
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