Offices & Dress

6.6 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"While our offices might not be the most snazzy places like you might find in the private sector, we have space, a series of locations and facilities. Graduates are issued with laptops so that they can work remotely, and are often given BlackBerry's to support flexibility."
Midlevel, London
"We have varied locations and facilities. As a rule they are very functional, but we are currently spearheading a project to make them warmer and more attractive. The dress code depends on your team and role but overall it is smart work wear - think trousers/skirt and a shirt. On Fridays, or the last Friday of the month, there is usually a dress down day."
Graduate, Chichester
"I work in a modern office space with all the facilities needed. The dress code is sensible but generally quite relaxed."
Graduate, London
"The offices are newly built so they are very modern. We have a hot desk system so it is very clean and clear of papers."
Graduate, London
"The office space and location are both good, however facilities such as IT need improving. This is largely based on the fact that cuts are being made in the sector overall and money has to be placed in other services for the community. Locations are great as they are IN the community. The dress code is relatively formal, however smart casual would be fine."
Graduate, London
"The office space is varied, being spread across a borough. The building I work in is a beautiful old Town Hall. The facilities are good: there are several staff common rooms with catering facilities and everything's quite open-plan. The dress code is smart casual with an emphasis on being comfortable - Fridays are dress down days."
Graduate, London
"The offices are pretty good, there are several different hubs to work at and a variety of offices at each. Our IT is fairly advanced, we all have laptops and are able to work remotely."
Entry level, Chichester


"Most staff work within Brent's Civic Centre, a modern, well-equipped building that is one of the greenest in the country. Dress code varies depending on the department, but ranges from casual-smart for non public facing positions, to smart dress and a uniform scarf or tie to indicate those in customer service positions."
Graduate, London
"The County Council HQ is housed in a modern and attractive building which is conveniently located near the town centre and railway station. There are open-plan spaces, a large well-serviced canteen and lots of open free spaces for meeting colleagues, etc."
Graduate, Ipswich
"My location is good, as we have open plan areas with a lot of glass and light. We have a fantastic canteen with hot meals for only £2. Facilities are also good, with a range of training rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc. The dress code is smart/casual (though more smart than casual)."
Graduate, London
"Offices very much depends on where you end up. Some buildings are 1960s blocks, other are historically impressive buildings. New accommodation is being renovated and there is desire to move all employees to one large 'hub' where everyone will be 'work styled' and not be assigned a specific desk. Dress code is business-casual, although some departments are more formal than others."
Entry level, Sheffield
"We have recently moved to an excellent newly refurbished building. We have access to high tech IT equipment and hot-desk working."
Graduate, London
"Dress code varies from office to office but it is generally smart. Most offices are nice and modern; I work in the Council House which is in the centre of Birmingham which is good."
Graduate, Birmingham
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