One Small Change


"Taking a more structured approach to placements, such as having one front-line facing session, one back office, one corporate and one strategic."
Midlevel, London
"I would make my employer listen more to the views of the graduates and engage them more in the running of the scheme."
Graduate, London
"Ideally, best practice/quality assurance mechanisms should be produced to make sure participating local authorities give graduates the most challenging and interesting two years as is possible."
Graduate, London
"More front-line opportunities should be communicated and promoted across the organisation."
"I would like to have more choice in my placements. It would be better if the graduate scheme insisted on the agreement that is in place with regard to moving placements."
Graduate, London
"More sessions should be organised outside of London for those of us not based in a London Borough."
Graduate, Manchester
"I would change the assignment aspect of the grad scheme, as I don't think it is very clear."
Graduate, London


"Communication could be improved with those on the graduate programme in my opinion."
Graduate, London
"I would have liked more of an idea of progression after your placement much earlier on, and more internal communications with staff about what our position is, so that they understand how we fit into the organisation and what level we are working at."
Graduate, Selby
"I would like a bit more choice in regards to the placements that we are given."
Midlevel, London
"Personally, I think there could be a more structured learning and development plan."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The retention of graduates after the scheme could be higher."
Graduate, Nottingham
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