Relations with Management

7.7 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"As an NGDP graduate at Surrey County Council we each have a senior mentor, a buddy and a line manager. We have access to senior meetings and events through our mentors and support network and manager strive to be supportive. Surrey County Council is currently rolling out a high performance development programme to help managers support their employees most effectively."
Midlevel, London
"Managers are very accessible, one of the directors agreed to be my mentor, and I am able to speak to her regularly and informally about issues I am facing and ask for advice where I need it."
Graduate, North Lincolnshire
"Management is very accessible - as a graduate I have quarterly mentoring sessions with the chief executive and a director as a personal mentor. I have weekly one-to-ones with my manager and I have had a fantastic relationship with all of them. They have firmly believed in the scheme and encouraged my development."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Management is generally good, and there are some outstanding managers. Mentors, peer support and exposure to senior levels is all very effective."
Graduate, London
"My managers are very accessible and take an active interest in the scheme. I have also found this to be true at the most senior levels - my first placement was in the Chief Executive's office."
Graduate, Manchester
"Management is extremely accessible. Most offices are open-plan and where there may be offices, there is a strong 'open-door' policy in place. As a trainee, I personally ask for as much feedback as possible, but I think I do have to ask for this, rather than it being given in a formal appraisal like permanent members of staff."
Graduate, London
"Management is hugely accessible. I have a one-to-one meeting with my line manager once a week, a monthly meeting with my mentor (I only had to ask for one once and it was immediately arranged) and a quarterly check in with the assistant chief exec who's interested in my work. Most managers are very open and friendly and the hierarchy is very informal."
Graduate, London


"We were assigned mentors, which has been somewhat helpful. Managers are accessible when asked, though the graduate scheme's line management is not always structured so if there are any issues there can be a need to be proactive about setting up meetings. NMTs are not part of the formal appraisal system."
Graduate, London
"There is a lot of senior buy-in to the National Graduate Development Programme and managers take a real interest in ensuring that National Management Trainees get the most out of the scheme."
Graduate, London
"We've had very good access to the Chief Executive who's been extremely supportive, and have good mentoring and good access to heads of service and similar. Internal communication and performance feedback can be a little trickier due to slightly complex management arrangements as a result of the scheme and fairly flat management structures across the council."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Some middle level managers are very good and I have got great mentors. Senior managers I have worked with have also been very approachable and taken time to talk to me however I'm not sure this is the experience all employees have."
Graduate, Selby
"As part of the scheme we're allocated senior level mentors, and graduates on the scheme enjoy a lot of exposure at senior levels."
Midlevel, London
"Managers are very accessible as the whole office is open-plan. We have lots of opportunities to make relationships with senior managers who are very willing to spend time with graduates and to help them develop."
Graduate, London
"I find that my managers are always available and happy to help. I have also found the very senior managers are also happy to mentor and direct us."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Senior management have been accessible from the start and are invested in the scheme - they want you to do well and are available to give advice when you need it."
Finance, Graduate, Selby
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