7.9 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"Due to the proximity to London, Surrey County Council (based in Kingston), pays very competitively in order to attract talent away from London weighted pay. I am very happy with my rate of pay and benefits package (holiday pay, sick pay, flexible working, etc)."
Midlevel, London
"I am more than happy with my salary and increments throughout the scheme."
Graduate, Hertfordshire
"For my current position and workload I am very happy with the pay. However, I am daunted by how to 'jump up' to the type of pay grades that are being advertised after the scheme without the amount of responsibility and experience."
Graduate, Chichester
"I receive a good standard graduate salary, with incremental increases each year."
Graduate, Gloucester
"I am offered a competitive starting salary with opportunities to increase it quite rapidly."
Graduate, London
"The starting salary for those working in London is around the £25k mark, with a pay increase received after the first 12 months of employment (although this may vary between councils)."
Graduate, London
"At the level I'm at, it's perfectly reasonable. I have plenty of friends paid far more, working in law firms and the like, but then I have a job whose ethics I believe in and an amazing work/life balance!"
Graduate, London


"I think that my pay is behind the average graduate. It would be a few years before I can expect to get a significant pay increase due to strict downward wage pressures in the organisation. There are no bonuses that I am aware of."
Graduate, Ipswich
"The pay is good enough for me, and I know that the experiences I am gaining will put me in good stead for future salary opportunities."
Graduate, London
"Pay is the average wage expected for this level of work in the public sector. Bonuses are not permitted and although I don't expect to earn as much as others in the private sector, I feel that the work is likely to be more fulfilling."
Midlevel, London
"Pay is very good as a first step on the Local Government ladder, although I think perhaps we could be afforded the outer-London authority allowance that other councils get, as the cost of living in Surrey is no different to London."
Graduate, Dorking, Surrey
"As a public sector employer bonuses are not offered, however, managerial roles do offer a percentage of your salary as performance related pay."
Experienced, London
"It is a good standard pay for the graduate scheme and is very competitive with public sector schemes, which often pay less."
Graduate, Nottingham
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