Satisfaction with Work

7.6 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2015)


"I work across a range of improvement programmes and projects, which means that good relationship management with key stakeholders is central to my role. My day-to-day responsibilities include keeping track of my communications and trying to get the best out of others by facilitating workshops."
Midlevel, London
"My role is varied, but mostly I support principal community officers on consultation and community engagement. I have also written reports, dealt with external clients on important savings projects and performed data analysis."
Graduate, Chichester
"This depends on the placement I am currently based in, however I will usually be balancing the work of two or more projects. I will also be fielding questions and answering consultations that my director sends me. In previous placements my day-to-day responsibilities have been very customer focused and I spent the majority of my time working with and answering the questions of the general public."
Graduate, North Lincolnshire
"I am commissioning services for vulnerable adults with a range of health and support needs, and work with the wider sector to build strong relationships and design better services. Measuring the impact of services, something I also do, ensures the highest quality and value for those who access them and the NHS/local authority."
Graduate, London
"I am the project manager for several large projects. I have experience writing business cases and presenting them at management boards. I then ensure the effective delivery of the project and monitor its success."
Graduate, London
"Although I am not in my 'dream department', my work is interesting and requires me to research into my projects and provide a rationale to my findings. My manager is giving me high-level projects that do not require the technical knowledge of the team I am currently in. When I work with the Parks team, I am solely in charge of running the communications for our Beddington Park Project. I get to speak to residents, run the social media arm of the project and provide ideas for the project."
Graduate, London
"I have been given opportunities to lead/project manage new initiatives and processes that are introduced at both departmental- and council-wide levels. Producing written reports for management and senior leadership teams is also part of my role, as well as presenting findings."
Graduate, London
"My role can vary every month. I'll be assigned to different projects and so will switch from facilitator responsibilities to working as a review manager, researcher or project developer."
Graduate, London
"At the moment, I am leading on a project to develop a new support package for Community Energy groups. This has involved consulting with communities and partners, benchmarking with other authorities, organising community events and holding a conference to encourage learning and development."
Graduate, Chester


"I've now completed the scheme and have a permanent role in school organisation and pupil place planning. I use birth projections and housing development numbers to project the number of school places required in our area, this is used to decide where we need to build new schools or expand existing ones. I also oversee the consultation process attached to this."
Midlevel, London
"My work involves assessing growth impact on the borough, undertaking research to enable this, supporting and writing business cases and monitoring reports, public consultations, and site visits."
Graduate, London
"My work and responsibilities vary by placement. I have had a wide range of responsibilities from research and report writing, to project management and planning."
Graduate, London
"Since being on the NGDP I have had the opportunity to work on a range of high level, strategic projects including the Tour de France, service restructures and strategy development. I have mainly had good support from management and the opportunity to challenge myself by undertaking high level work. I have moved between services and this has allowed me to gain a good helicopter view of local government and the challenges it currently faces."
Graduate, Halifax
"I am project managing two projects surrounding one of our parks. Certain factors of the job are very rewarding, such as community engagement, working with members, etc."
Graduate, Dorking, Surrey
"I am responsible for improvement work across the youth justice space, looking at innovative ways to address youth crime and divert young people from the criminal justice system."
Midlevel, London
"Currently my role is split between strategic policy for education and economic growth, and operational support for the Cabinet Member for Highways. The split is nice, as it allows me to keep some variety in my work, as well as tackle the big challenges facing local government."
Graduate, Chelmsford
"I am currently working in the strategic research team. I am responsible for undertaking both primary and secondary research which includes running primary qualitative research i.e. focus groups, writing reports for senior politicians and staff members, working with external host organisations to organise and recruit participants for primary research activities. I am able to lead on the analysis of specific research activities."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I work as a service improvement officer, leading initiatives to improve certain areas of service delivery across Youth Offending, Anti-social Behaviour, Substance Misuse, CCTV and Integrated Offender Management."
Entry level, London
"I have a varied role depending on the project and department; from organising events, attending high profile meetings, frontline work with citizens to coordinating the implementation of government policy on the local level."
Graduate, Leeds
"My work mainly revolves around project support and project management depending on the complexity of the project."
"My work encompasses a huge range of activities, from getting out into the community, to analysing information and writing reports, to dealing with commerical and financial information."
Graduate, London
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