Why your company?


"I felt like working here was a fantastic opportunity to go into such a diverse job role straight out of university. Having the qualification is another great bonus, too."
Graduate, Hertfordshire
"My employer serves a very diverse London community so it is an unique opportunity to be able to work for the benefit of residents from all over the world, coming from a variety walks of life. The NGDP attracted me by the variety of work experience, the additional qualification obtained as part of the programme and the opportunity to make a difference to the community I am placed in."
Graduate, London
"I wanted to help people while getting a job which offered me a reasonable pay and good work/life balance, and felt like the NGDP was a great way to do so. I wanted to lend my skills to local government because I completely disagreed with the cuts happening and wanted to be part of the creative thinking to savings solutions."
Graduate, Chichester
"The council's experience with the scheme and its commitment to providing opportunities for graduates was a factor in my decision to apply here. The council was also committed to me, and provided training, which in this economic climate is worth its weight in gold!"
Graduate, North Lincolnshire
"I applied here because I wanted to work in an exciting and ever-changing sector with good career prospects."
Graduate, London
"The opportunities to learn and develop extra qualifications were both reasons why I applied to the scheme in particular."
"The opportunity to make a difference in a place I cared about was the reason why I applied for the scheme."
Graduate, London
"The development opportunities and range of learning experiences it would involve seemed second to none. It was also in line with the values I already held and the sort of work I wanted to do."
Graduate, London


"The NGDP is a respected means of progressing in local government and provides unique access to a national network of graduates."
Graduate, Ipswich
"I wanted to work in the public sector, preferably some form of government, and I wanted to be part of a graduate scheme, so this was the ideal choice!"
Midlevel, London
"I was attracted to the opportunities and responsibility of the role, as well as the support available."
Graduate, London
"In the larger scheme of working in local government, I wanted to feel like I was making a positive contribution to people's lives in the face of ever-increasing financial challenges."
Graduate, Dorking, Surrey
"I wanted to work in the biggest local authority in Europe. Through the application I knew I would be working on big projects that had the potential to improve the lives of citizens. I wanted to work for a company that was going through a major period of change so that I could play a key role in its change."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I wanted to work in the public sector and the training and development opportunities here were a big incentive."
"The NGDP offers a fantastic opportunity to get management experience and work on high-level projects, whilst also making a difference to the public."
Finance, Graduate, Selby
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