National Union of Teachers

The NUT seeks to express its views and opinions as well as make a contribution to relevant policies that are being introduced on an on-going basis.

Reasons to join

  • Qualified teachers
  • Unity in the profession
  • Advice and support
  • Largest and most effective
  • Internationally connected
  • Fairness for all children
  • It's your union
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Decisive campaigning

Benefits and services

The NUT Benevolent Fund

The NUT Benevolent Fund was established in 2015 to provide financial assistance to NUT members when they have suffered sickness, accident or injury, unemployment or bereavement. Most grants will be to assist with short term financial emergencies so that essential but unaffordable goods or services can be paid for. More substantial applications will also be considered in cases of serious need and misfortune. The NUTBF is available to all members and dependants of members who have been in full membership for at least one year. More information about the NUTBF.

NUT legal services - a member's guide

As an NUT member, you have access to a unique form of legal service provision. It is a team of solicitors and litigation executives, working only for the NUT and its members, professionally regulated by the Law Society and committed to high quality service provision. This team works under the name of "NUT Solicitors".


The Union has four collective policies underwritten by Aviva. These policies provide automatic cover for members, subject to terms and conditions, in respect of four separate areas of risk.

• Personal accident
This policy provides compensation in respect of death or bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident caused by violent external and visible means. All members, other than retired and left profession members, paying the appropriate subscription, newly qualified members, student members, and members through schemes negotiated with other associations, are covered by this policy. The insurance provides cover for members 24 hours a day, at home or abroad.

• Hospitalisation
This policy provides compensation of £50 per day (excess 24 hours) up to a maximum of 365 days for a member who has been injured as a result of an occupational accident which leads to that person being admitted to hospital as an in-patient. The policy includes accidents happening outside school so long as they occur in connection with school activity or NUT business. A journey to or from work is also covered. The policy is subject to certain exceptions. Please see the Personal Accident policy.

• Personal property (inc spectacles)
Personal property belonging to members of the National Union of Teachers, or pupils' personal property entrusted to them, is automatically insured under a collective policy taken out by the Union against loss or damage by flood, fire, theft or malicious act whilst on the school premises.

• Malicious damage to motor vehicles in school or college premises
Cover up to a maximum of £500 for malicious damage to a member's private car or motorcycle while on school premises during the time the member is on school or Union business (excess £50). This enables members to protect their no claim discount for small malicious damage claims by not approaching their motor insurers. No claim may be made under this policy if the member intends to claim for the same incident under another policy.

How to claim

Members wishing to claim under any of these benefits other than assistance from the NUTBF should contact Union headquarters as soon as possible – tel. 020 7380 4785. 

Also available are a wide range of NUT endorsed services bringing good value and integrity. These include:

  • Thousands of shopping and leisure discounts
  • Savings investments and insurance
  • Home and content insurance
  • Mortgage and savings
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Legal services
  • Car and home insurance
  • Motor breakdown and recovery service
  • Tax recovery service
  • Holidays and travel insurance
  • Utility services
  • Personal loans

Join the NUT today

The NUT recruits qualified teachers, and those on a route to qualified teacher status. We believe in a qualified teacher for every class. Join using the links below or call 020 7380 6369 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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