Nestlé Academy seemed like a great choice to me as there are so many opportunities to learn and develop! With the range of different modules and training programmes graduates and apprentices can undertake, I knew the training would really add value to me and my career. Plus, it’s an opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, which is very exciting!

I came here two years ago, after applying through the Nestlé Academy website. I’m currently on the Manufacturing Graduate Scheme and coming towards the end of it. During the scheme I worked at four different factories across the UK, from confectionery to pet food and I mainly work on projects that help increase the efficiency of our production process.

Every day is different – you never know what challenges or opportunities you’re going to face when you come into the factory each day. That keeps you on your toes. Working in so many different places too, has allowed me to build a network of people in the company that I can draw on for support and advice.

If you’re thinking about applying for a role here, I’d say it’s important to do your research first – the company and the role you’re applying for! I know it’s a cliché, but be yourself! That way, you’ll know if the company and role is right for you. You can learn to adapt and leverage your strengths when you get here, but don’t get too bogged down in them. Everyone has strengths and development areas!