I joined the Nestlé Academy Customer Development Scheme a year ago. What attracted me? Well, I wanted to work within the world’s largest nutrition, health and wellness business with talented and driven people on some of the world’s favourite brands – simple as that.

I look after the Food & Dairy category’s performance online, working with the Customer Business Team, Activation team and retailers to ensure our brands perform well in strong categories for each retailer. The role allows me to be both customer-facing and work cross-functionally across the business, so I get great exposure to – and influence over – many different aspects.

It’s hands-on and I get to see consumers enjoying the products. And I like seeing the impact of our work on the wider FMCG market, on specific retailers and even on the contents of my friends’ cupboards! I’d love to continue to gain more experience in different sales channels or categories as there are lessons to be taken from both to help forge a successful career

Do you know what really creates loyalty and gives Nestlé employees a sense of purpose? It’s delighting customers. Not what we do, but why we do it. So if you’re a collaborative person who’s ambitious, not afraid to ask when you’re unsure and wants to make a difference to customers, I’d highly recommend it.