Network Rail

What were your first impressions of Network Rail?

The people were friendly, cooperative and considerate to one another. The type of projects managed by Network Rail were interesting, I was given the challenge of trying to manage and improve an operational railway line.

What surprised you most about Network Rail?

The flexibility of the office hours and the amount of time and money invested into the graduates’ development.

Why is Network Rail the right employer for you?

Because I am given the freedom to pursue opportunities that lets me grow as an engineer .

What is the most interesting location you’ve been to with your work?

I went in a helicopter over the Scottish Highlands to take pictures of the 3rd party land that posed as a landslide risk to the railways.

What is the best perk of the job with Network Rail?

A mixture of desk job and going out on site, I am also able to have flexible working hours so I can go to the gym during lunch time.

What have you enjoyed most about working for Network Rail?

I am able to get 5 days of paid leave to volunteer and help out with any charities of my choice.

Why should a graduate apply to join Network Rail?

Network Rail is a progressive and welcoming place to have your career. Never once did I feel unwelcomed or discriminated for anything. So please don’t be put off into thinking that a career at Network Rail, a railway company, is only for men. It is open for anyone and everyone.