Interview: Tips & Advice


"You should know who Network Rail's customers are (normally it's not the travelling public, at least not directly - it's train operating companies/freight operating companies, etc.)."
Graduate, London
"Be yourself and relax. Network Rail is generally looking for people that are good with people and can relate well to others, so relax and be friendly!"
Entry level, Manchester
"The assessment centres are your most challenging part of the recruitment process. Try get yourself recognised, but for the right reasons. Get to know the company on the day and take away what you have learned to support your interview."
Graduate, Glasgow
"In the application process there is an application form, tests, assessment centre and a final interview. I believe that there's now a phone/video interview as well. Applicants should research key stakeholders, recent big projects, safety issues and general railway information."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"When you are applying be innovative and let your creative juices flow; think about working together and have others' perspectives in mind."
Graduate, London
"When applying there is an application form, tests, assessment centre and an interview. Be prepared to do a lot of research on the company, prepare presentation skills and just express your knowledge confidently."
Graduate, Manchester
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