One Small Change


"Longer placements in the first few months would help graduates to settle in."
Graduate, Manchester
"More railway-specific training could be on offer before starting (e.g. basic rail engineering stuff, even if you're not an engineer)."
Graduate, London
"The graduate scheme budget could be improved."
Graduate, York
"Graduates could spend more time on the specific discipline they're on the graduate scheme for, rather than generic 'background info' training."
Entry level, Manchester
"A greater focus on future job roles rather than just placement options would be good, because the variety of roles makes it quite overwhelming when considering first jobs off the scheme."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"There could be more opportunities and job roles on offer in London."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"More structure on the scheme would benefit graduates, and they could be put with managers who want a graduate and have a role set out for them."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
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